Out Today: Kurt Von Stetten’s Androlafi


Kurt Von Stetten has a reputation as New England’s eclectic, prolific musical genius. And it’s well earned. This album’s terrific, all over the place, and quite unlike anything else I’ve heard so far this year. And most importantly, reminiscent of the 90’s Sebadoh/Pavement sound. However, “Pounding Strange” sounds like a stray Interpol song. The songs feel more nostalgic than derivative, since he’s got his own spin and stylistically, he’s about as unpredictable as a whirlwind.

“First Daughter”

“Things a Camera Would Say”

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Chad Pelley is a multi-award-winning author, journalist, musician, and photographer from St. John’s. His work has been recognized by 10 literary awards. His debut novel, Away from Everywhere, was a Coles bestseller, is taught in university classes, and a film adaptation is underway. His short fiction has won awards, been anthologized, and published in literary journals and textbooks. His second novel -- Every Little Thing -- was released in 2013 and is doing very well indeed. He writes a dozen songs a month too. Some of which you can hear on his Bandcamp page.


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